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[RailTraction] Duewag U2 – jetzt erhältich!

Produktbeschreibung aus dem Onlineshop RailTraction:


The U2 light rail car is an electric multiple unit consisted of two carriages, both with powersupply via overhead wire and one with a pantograph (carriage A), developed in the late 1960s. They were the first trainset for the light rail of Frankfurt/Germany (inaugurated in 1968) and were derived from their two prototype trains called U1. The LRV series names ranging from U1 to U5 in Frankfurt are not to be confused with the light rail lines U1 to U9 where they are in use.


This package contains:

– Electical Multiple Unit U2H-U2E
– Realistic sound effects (recorded fromthe real DMU). Optimized for EFX / Openall.
– Realistic cabin wheel/bogie sounds.
– Hybride traction simulation.
– Authentic cab.
– Animated mirrors.
– Animated windows.
– Fern light.
– Instrument light
– Authentic door close warning sound.
– Advanced doorlock system.
– Left / right doors controllable.
– Front driver door control.
– Manual door closing systems
– Bell.
– Battery control.
– Working brake lights on the back of the train.
– Warning flash lights.
– Direction flash lights.
– Dynamic lights in the passenger view
– Dynamic lights in the cab.
– Haltebremse simulation.
– Traction lock simulation.
– Autonumbering(only for destination signs and quick setup for ai traffic).
– Photo textured details.
– Skin friendly body textures.
– 6 reskins and 2 models U2H-U2E
– TS2012 features (raindrops on the windows and visible frontlights).
– Destination signs with various German citiy parts.
– Destination signs are ingame switchable or quick autonumbering setup.
– New German traindriver sitting only in the working cab(include yard/parked setup or ai setup).
– Quick drive compatible.
– Interval,speed1 and speed 2 wiper control
– TS2015 optimized.

Scenarios included:

The Route U-Bahn Frankfurt is required for the scenarios inside this product.

U1 to Ginnheim (Duewag U2h)
U1 to Suedbahnhof (Duewag U2h)
U2 to Gonzenheim (Duewag U2h)
U2 to Suedbahnhof (Duewag U2h)
U3 to Hohemark (Duewag U2h)
U3 Oberursel Hohemark to Suedbahnhof (Duewag U2h)
U4 to Enkheim (Duewag U2e)
U4 to Bockenheimer Warte (Duewag U2e)
U6 to Ostbahnhof (Duewag U2e)
U6 to Heerstrasse (Duewag U2e)
U7 to Hausen (Duewag U2e)
U7 to Enkheim (Duewag U2e)

Preis: 15,45 €

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