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[CreativeworX] Gotthard Panoramic Strecke – angekündigt


CreativeworX schreibt:

The Gotthard Panoramic Route leans 99% on assets that are provided by various sources. Next to a number of payware routes you will need a lot of freeware assets to be aquired too. To make the process of gathering assets a bit more user-friendly we have requested all freeware providers if they would agree to have their assets bundled within the route installer. We are happy to say that at this point 75% of these freeware assets will be bundled!

A list of freeware and payware assets that you need to have installed to use the route will be made available at release. You will not be suprised that SBB Route 1 and Three Country Corner Route are amongst the needed payware add-ons. To be able to use SAD’s assets you need Koeblitzer Bergland v3 too.

More info on hard- and software requirements will follow..

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