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CreativeworX wird zu TrainworX – neuer Name, neues Logo!


Over the next couple of days I will change the CreativeworX branding into the new TrainworX brand. I have played with this idea for some time and decided to just go for it. I will start with the social media platforms (facebook, twitter and instagram) and then also re-brand the website. This should not give too much problems as is now directed to will stay where it is. (and .eu) will be re-directed to the same page so all links should stay intact.
The folderstructure (CwX) for exisiting products in Trainsimulator will also stay the same too prevent issues in your TS game. New, future products might be placed under TwX.
I hope you like the new logo and please bear with me while I go through the changes.


Quelle: Facebook

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