[DTG] Ommi Wagon Pack – erhältlich


Über dieses Produkt

The Ommi 65 is an open hopper wagon used across the DB network. While the ‘O’ prefix classifies it as a composite open flat wagon, the ‘mm’ indicates a length less than 9 metres. The Ommi 65 is mainly used for carrying coal and aggregates.

The Ommi 65 Wagon Pack includes:

  • Ommi 65 F-z-121 empty
  • Ommi 65 F-z-121 gravel
  • Ommi 65 F-z-121 coal
  • Ommi 65 F-z-121 sand
  • Ommi 65 F-z-121 limestone


Preis: 3,99 €

Entwickler: Virtual Railroads
Publisher: Dovetail Games


Hier geht es zum Ommi Wagon Pack auf Steam


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