[DTG] US ATC S160 – Vorschau


Bald wird die US ATC S160 erhältlich sein, worüber sich bestimmt der ein oder andere US-Railroad-Fan freuen dürfte:

DTG schreibt:

“The US ATC S160 includes an Advanced Pro-Series version and also includes a HUD/Xbox controller-compatible version.

A truly international add-on for Train Simulator, the USATC S160 recreates a diverse class of steam locomotives that were designed, built and, in some cases, lost forever in very quick time.

During World War II, it was realised that, if allied attempts to enter the European mainland were successful, there would be a shortage of locomotives for the mass movement of troops and equipment due to the state of the railways after years of war.

As a result, two locomotives were designed specifically for the purpose of heavy freight movements – the British War Department Austerity 2-8-0 and the USATC S160, the latter being designed by a committee made up of the USATC and locomotive builders Alco, Baldwin and Lima.

Despite this slightly unconventional method of ‘design by committee’, the S160 was a resounding success – a wide, riveted steel firebox driving powerful 26” pistons produced 31,490lb/f of tractive effort; a Westinghouse pump for air brakes mounted on the smokebox also gave the S160 its off-centre smokebox door design.

In total, more than 2,100 locomotives were shipped worldwide, every country making its own changes and modifications, and every one with their own livery. Of this mass production, 800 of the Class landed in the UK and were fitted with vacuum brakes, while 200 were built for the Russian loading gauge of 1,520mm. Named Ша (ShA), they were used to help the Soviet war effort, and after the war were taken into regular service. By 1957, 50 had been converted to narrow gauge, and named Шy.

After the war, the S160s were scattered all over the world and continued to be maintained and used in almost every Allied country, including Algeria, China, Hungary, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Spain and Turkey. Some of the Class were in use as late as 1997 – a considerable feat given the expected design life was just 90 days!

The USATC S160 for Train Simulator is available in a number of liveries representative of their long and well-travelled history, including USATC Black, USATC Grey, Longmoor Military Railway, BR Preserved, USSR Ша (wartime and post wartime), USA Alaska Railroad, USA Army, Poland Post-War and Poland Black Wartime. A number of wartime period freight wagons are included, such as USATC 56t Flatcar, 40ft Flatcar, USATC 9,900 gallon Tank Car, USATC Caboose, Warwell, LMS Brake Van, USSR 20t Flatcar and USSR Brake Van.

The locomotives are also Quick Drive compatible, giving you the freedom to drive the USATC S160 on any Quick Drive enabled route for Train Simulator, such as those available through Steam. Also included are scenarios specifically for the West Somerset Railway, Horseshoe Curve and Riviera Line: Exeter-Kingswear routes (available separately and required to play these scenarios).”


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