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[AP] Wherry Lines V1.1 Patch veröffentlicht


Armstrong Powerhouse schreibt auf Facebook:
We have released a further patch for our Wherry Lines route which features and fixes the following things:
– New custom made Reedham Junction signal box model
– Loco run-round stop signs added on platforms 2 & 4 at Norwich
– Additional markers and portals for scenario creation
– Incorrectly placed whistle boards removed at Bungalow Lane crossing
– Incorrect signal ID fixed at Trowse Junction
– Speed limit changed to 60mph in the down direction between Reedham Junction and the 20mph curve to Reedham Swing Bridge
– Correct approach control procedure added when taking the Berney Arms route at Reedham Junction
– Not being able to open doors at Norwich on ‚[07] 2P13 09:17 Great Yarmouth – Norwich‘ scenario fixed
– Procedural flora removed from track at affected stations

This patch can be found beneath the ‚Downloads‘ heading on the route product page.

Quelle: Facebook

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