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[Armstrong Powerhouse] Class 442 Sound Pack (Pro) – Jetzt erhältlich

Nun ist der Class 442 Sound Pack (Pro) von Armstrong Powerhouse erschienen.

Beschreibung aus dem Armstrong Powerhouse Onlineshop:

Main Features

EE546 traction motor sounds
Distinctive compressor
EP and auto brake sounds
User operable two-tone horn using the space-bar and ‚B‘ key
Bogie run sounds to give the sensation of movement
Cab instrument sounds
Realistic sound fading effects
Accurate volume levels. This means the quietest sounds are as quiet as they should be in relation to the loudest as per reality.
1 hour 10 minute scenario for the DTG London to Brighton route which sees you drive a 10 car class 442 between London Victoria & Brighton, during the evening rush hour.

If all of that wasn’t enough, we have gone beyond just the sounds and implemented some brand new features:

Prototypical ‚camshaft‘ traction system
Realistic EP/auto brake operation
Driver only operation (DOO)
Semi-functional in-cab destination computer
Automatic unit numbering. Both driving vehicles in a unit automatically given matching unit numbers and all five vehicles given their corresponding vehicle number.

Please note, this pack is NOT compatible with any external controllers such as the XBOX or RailDriver.

Wer sich vor dem Kauf ein kleines Bild von diesem Produkt verschaffen möchte, dem sei dieses Video ans Herz gelegt

Zwingend vorausgesetzt ist folgendes Produkt:

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Preis: £4.99 (nur Download-Version)

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