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[Dutch Classics] Dutch Classics 8 – jetzt erhältlich!


In this add on you find the second part of the rolling stock series Mat’54 of which we started to design the virtual representation in Dutch Classics 6. Amongst others, in this add on the more modern series of the EMU’s with the intercity exterior and interior are included. Moreover, for Dutch Classics 8 the so called Benelux-EMU’s are included.

The Mat’54 EMU’s were in service on long distance domestic connections in The Netherlands, for example between The Hague and Rotterdam and Groningen/Leeuwarden in the far north of the country. The Dutch Railways had the habit to combine and split parts of the train service consists and also combined EMU’s from and to several destinations to consists of 14 carriages. The EMU’s were well-known for their comfort and they were a very relaxing way to travel through The Netherlands by train. The EMU’s were built in a number of series and could be seen in a number of liveries.

The Mat 1957 EMU´s have been in service on the important Benelux connection between Amsterdam and Brussels for many years.

The EMU´s in this add on are the later series, of which also the Intercity series have been built. Quickdrive consists, standard scenario’s (for Ruhr-Sieg route), simple and expertmode operation and a keyboard template for the operation of the trains are also included in Dutch Classics 8. An installer provides you with an easy installation procedure.


EMU series included:

  • Mat 1954 EMU´s, ELD2 (two parts) green and ELD4 (four part EMU’s) green of the more recent series (serveral versions, including a version with the classic and the one legged pantograph)
  • Mat 1954, ELD2 yellow ELD2 (two parts) and ELD4 yellow later series(serval versions, including a version with the classic and the one legged pantograph)
  • Mat 1954, ELD4 (four part EMU) blue/yellow intercity livery in several versions
  • Mat 1957, ELD2 (two part EMU) dark blue Benelux trains (several versions, the classic and modernized version))

Features included, amongst others:

  • realistic 3d models of the train sets in high detail with two original cabins (original for both Mat ’54 and Mat’57) and passenger views;
  • two advanced passenger views (ELD2) in high detail in which you can walk virtually through almost the entire traingeavanceerde passenger views waarbij een groot deel van het interieur van de treinstellen is vormgegeven and a passenger view for the intercity version of Mat’54
  • mutiple catenary voltage systems in expert mode in the Benelux EMU’s, they used to support both 1500V and 3000V;
  • an advanced script of more than 3000 lines takes care of the implementation of the additional functions available in the EMU´s in both simple mode and expert mode;
  • dynamic numbering;
  • folding bellows between the EMU parts that are automatically retracted when decoupling the EMU parts, for example for maintenance tasks;
  • many animations bring the 3D model to life;
  • interesting features in expert mode, such as switchable exterior (per individual lamp) and interior lighting and dynamic destination plates for your virtual train serviceinstelbare bestemmingsaanduiding tijdens uw virtuele treindienst;
  • quickdrive scenarios and standard and free roaming scenario’s, so that you can get started immediately after installation of the Mat’54 and Mat’57;
  • Extensive user manual (50 pages);
  • Many functions are accesible through the keyboard.

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