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[General Wo] München-Augsburg ohne Lärmschutzwände erschienen

This route is exactly the same as the Munich to Augsburg route, except I have programmatically removed all the large sound barrier walls. You can now apperciate more of the scenery from the cab.It’s not realistic, and it looks a bit ugly in places. If you like the Munich-Augsburg route and would like to experience it without staring at the sound barrier walls all the time, you can use this.You should be able to move all your scenarios over without any problems, since the trackwork and markers have not been modified.You can create this route variant yourself with some time and possibly some third party tools, but I’m putting it on the workshop for the sake of convenience.

All you need to install this workshop route, is the original Munich to Augsburg route.

Although Steam marks it as “work in progess”, which I cannot seem to change, I have no further plans to make changes to this route.

[No sound barriers] Munich to Augsburg von General Wo kann kostenlos im Steam Workshop abonniert werden.

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