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[CreativeworX] Update Re 421 V 2.0 – verfügbar!


UPDATE CwX Re 421 V 2.0:

The Re 421 V2.0 is ready for release except for the installer and new manuals. I am working on that now so if all goes well, current owners of the Re 421 will receive an email shortly although unfortunately not today as expected earlier.

The update will be a major one. I have changed the folder structure and therefore you will lose existing references to the Re 421’s in your scenarios. I am sorry for that inconvenience but as I mentioned before it is an important change that will improve overall performance.

Please visit : for more info on the subject.

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Edit: 20.01.2016

The SBB Re 421 version 2.0 is now available. Owners have received an email with details. This update has a winter livery addition (Re 421 374), an improved regulator (Stufenschalter), improved ZUB and various small model and texture improvements. Thank you all for your patience. Next update will be the Re 620..

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