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[DTG] Network South East Class 319 Add-on Livery erschienen

Über dieses Produkt

In order to be able to use this add-on livery product, you MUST first own the First Capital Connect Class 319 Loco Add-On. If you check in the in-game store it will verify if you own it before you purchase.

The British Rail Class 319 dual-voltage electric multiple-unit (EMU) trains were built by BREL, York, in two batches in 1987–88 and 1990. The trains were introduced for new north-south cross-London services from Bedford to Brighton, and since privatisation these services have been operated by Thameslink and First Capital Connect, the former franchise having been merged with the Great Northern section of the former WAGN franchise to form the latter train operating company on 1 April 2006 as a result of re-franchising. Class 319 units have dual-power pick-up, from either 25 kV alternating current (AC) overhead lines for services north of London, or 750 V direct current (DC) third rail to the south. However, some units were used only on outer suburban services in South London.
It is presented in this pack in its white and grey Network Southeast liveries.

You must own the First Capital Connect Class 319 Loco Add-On before you will be able to use this add-on.

Die Network South East-Lackierung für die First Capital Connect Class 319 ist für 3,99€ auf Steam erhältlich.

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