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[JT] Class 222 Advanced – jetzt erhältlich!


Beschreibung aus dem JustTrains Onlineshop:

The Class 222 is provided in three liveries:

  • Hull Trains (Pioneer)
  • Midland Mainline (Meridian)
  • East Midlands Trains (Meridian)

Vehicle types
Six different vehicle types are included:

  • DMRFO (driving vehicle with 1st class seating)
  • MFO (first class seating)
  • MCO (first/standard class seating)
  • MSO (standard class seating)
  • MSRMB (standard class seating/buffet)
  • DMSO (driving vehicle with standard class seating)

Model features

  • Bump mapping – gives greater and more realistic detail on the models
  • Cab sway movement as you start, stop, corner, accelerate and decelerate
  • Windscreen wipers clear rain from the driver’s front windows
  • ActivClag dynamic exhaust output – see the diesel smoke density vary under load, and light grey oil smoke is emitted from the exhaust on engine start
  • Animated passenger doors complete with external door interlock light and opening/closing sounds with warning beeper.
  • Passenger windows rain effect – see rain on the windows in passenger view
  • Authentic and detailed passenger cabin view – three different liveries and two view positions available
  • Acceleration and braking physics based on real timings
  • Lighting:
     – Working external and internal door interlock lights
     – Working digital destination displays – in driver’s windscreen and on the side of the passenger carriages. You can change the destination selection.
  • Realistic LED marker lights
  • Authentic headlight control including flashing ‘hazard’ setting
  • Cab lighting effects
  • Independently controlled main cab lighting and gauge illumination. There is even a separate controlled light to illuminate the driver’s clipboard!
  • Working headlights illuminate the track ahead
  • Remote tail lights – the driver can enable/disable the tail lights on the non-driving end of the consist. The status of the remote lights can be seen on the indicator panel in the driver’s cab.


ActivTrain refers to the Just Trains intelligent scripting that allows the inclusion of features which would not normally be available in the simulation. Class 222 Advanced employs ActivTrain scripting for the following features:

  • Train Management System (TMS) – partially simulated with boot-up sequence and anomaly warnings
  • Working Driver Vigilance Device
  • Auto slow-speed function – train will drive forward automatically at 3 mph for use in train washes
  • AWS self-test – move the reverser for the first time and you will hear the AWS self-test warning
  • DSD (Driver’s Safety Device) – move the reverser for the first time and you will hear the DSD self-test sound. The DSD will subsequently sound if you move to forward or reverse after stopping in neutral. You will hear the DSD warning as you drive if you do not alter the controls for a set period of time.
  • Working DRA (Driver’s Reminder Appliance) – use the DRA to prevent the throttle from being applied at a station stop
  • Switchable externally audible alarms – never miss an AWS caution or DSD reminder when driving from the external view. These sounds can be heard from outside the cab, and this feature can be disabled from the cab.
  • NRN radio – unique ActivScript coding gives you a random voice selection each time. Press the blue call button on the NRN (National Rail Network) radio to run the test call sequence
  • GSM-R radio – start-up self-test operation
  • Variable speed windscreen wipers – controlled by the driver, and with Intermittent, Slow and Fast settings
  • Sunblind – lower and raise the driver’s sunblind (it actually restricts the sun)
  • Engine Start/Stop – start and stop the engine with the individual buttons
  • Two-tone Horn
  • Guard to Driver signal – sounds after the doors close
  • Driver to Guard signal – operable
  • Destination displays – a set of pre-set destinations to display can be selected
  • Hill start – just click the button on the throttle or press [Shift]+[A] before moving from brake to power. This will keep the brakes on slightly until the speed reaches 1 mph, at which point they will release.
  • Just Trains ActivWorld – Scenario Trigger support:
     – Pass Com activation – triggers the passenger communication alarm and applies emergency brake; resets after being stationary for 30 seconds.
     – Fire – sounds the fire alarm; resets after 30 seconds stationary or can be silenced by pushing the fire alarm light.
     – Cold Start – shuts down the unit so that you can carry out a start from ‘cold and dark’.  
     – Engine fail – randomly fails one of the engines; engine stays failed.
     – Brake fault – brakes ‘bleed on’ slowly; resets after 30 seconds stationary.
     – NRN broadcast – triggers the NRN broadcast recording.
  • Sounds:
     – High quality sounds recorded from real trains. There are separate sound sets for the driver’s cab and the exterior view – you can hear the difference. In the driver’s cab you can even hear the air conditioning system starting up and running!
     – Passenger cabin sounds – hear passenger chatter and even mobile phones ringing!
     – Rheostatic brake sounds on brake application
     – Brake squeal sounds
     – Track joint sounds

Preis: 24,95 €

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