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[JT] Western Mainlines – Service Pack 25/5/16 veröffentlicht


Just Trains schreibt auf Facebook:

Yesterday evening we released a Service Pack for our massive Western Mainlines route. Email going to all buyers now with info.

Quelle: Facebook



  • Signals adjusted to allow correct operation for multiple trains.
  • Cardiff signalling remade and extended to allow complex AI movements.
  • Trees adjusted across route to allow for increased Frame rates (FPS)
  • All scenarios adjusted to allow for completion.
  • Many new portals added.
  • New markers placed UP/Down Directionality added where required.
  • Stations adjusted to appear on lowest scenery settings.
  • Adjustment to track layout and gradient changes
  • New Scenario added: “(JT) Class 153 – Cardiff to Exeter” that requires the following items:

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